Part 1 - Socialising Part 2 - Desk work Part 3 - Meetings Part 4 - Sales and marketing Part 5 - Business developments This course plan helps learners improve their English for business or work. A diverse range of topics, language areas and activities are covered.
Answers are available in appendix 5. Three-pronged Approach to Problem Solving helps students develop skills applicable to a variety of problems. The text teaches students three methods for solving any complex problems--calculator, equation, and spreadsheet--developing a “do-it-yourself” attitude towards choosing the best method.
Part four discusses issues integral to the conduct of a systems engineering effort, from planning to consideration of broader management issues. In some chapters supplementary sections provide related material that shows common techniques or policy-driven processes. These expand the basic conceptual discussion, but give the student a clearer
Learner English (4). Learning One-to-One (11). Lessons from Nothing (5). Listening Extra (5). Literature in the Language Classroom (5). - 'PET for Schools' Audio Part 4 Practice Test (Complete PET).