Feb 18, 2016 · Lynn Helms, North Dakota's top oil regulator, made a startling discovery when he recently used Uber Technologies Inc., the private car service: three of his drivers were laid-off oil and gas workers.
The North Dakota State University (NDSU) student newspaper NDSU Spectator recently carried an article by Opinion Editor Nathan Stottler titled "North Dakota's other oil field" focusing on the state's enormous wind potential.
The North Dakota Soybean production field guide provide producers with data fo soybean production information throughout the state. It addresses issues from variety selection, growth and fertilizing, disease, insect and weed control, harvesting and storing of soybeans.
A study of over 31,000 horizontal, hydraulically fractured wells in Colorado, New Mexico, North Dakota, and Pennsylvania from 2005-2014 found that, on average, there were 55 reported oilfield spills per 1000 wells per year. 2 Most spills are small: the median reported spill size was 120 gallons in Pennsylvania, 210 gallons in North Dakota, 798 gallons in Colorado, and 1,302 gallons in New Mexico (note again that state numbers should not be directly compared because of different reporting ...