Try being Indian.” But I digress). In 1790, when 3.89 million people lived in the 13 colonies, our Founders occupied the top 10%, and controlled more than 38% of the country’s income.
What's the difference between blood and air choke in terms of time before passing out? Wouldn't be air choke much more dangerous since you're cutting I just want to ask since most of my chokes are air chokes (Marcelotine & Japanese necktie) and i don't want to cause any permanent damage on anyone.
The truth may set you free, but finding the truth is like playing tennis. You don't get a hint of it until you've returned the volley about three or four times. The mainstream media counts on the masses never returning what's served up. Journalism today has become a caricature not unlike what Robert Lynd describes by saying "Research without an actively selective point of view is like the ...
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