Jul 01, 2020 · This transmission is built for trucks with high performance modifications, high HP, street driven, weekend racer, with big lift, big tires, etc. WARRANTY POLICY FOR ALL TRANSMISSIONS: WARRANTY COVERS REPAIR OF ORIGINAL TRANSMISSION ONLY. WARRANTY IS VOID FOR TRANSMISSIONS SOLD TO THIRD PARTY WITHOUT PRIOR APPROVAL GIVEN BY JOHN.
Feb 20, 2007 · E4OD transmissions are controlled by the PCM, so despite the improvement in valvebody operation, the transmission's shift points won't change unless modifications are made in the processor.
The most widley pointed out problem are problems with shfiting the 5th/reverse gear typically cause by high mileage. We offer a kit to fix this problem, kit includes Reverse Gear, 5th Rev Slider, Rev Ring and 5th Ring. F250, F350 pickups with this transmission have suffered from failing pilot bearings.
E4OD Transmission Teardown - Ford Lightning Basic teardown of this E4OD Transmission and the differences between the 4R100. This transmission was of an Acura MDX AWD that was locked up and wouldn't move. As we see here the issue that part of the problem was that a bushing from one of...