The first thing to look at, when testing an exhaust back pressure sensor, is the sensor signal output voltage at idle (EGR closed). This is the offset voltage, which can be monitored with a scan tool or voltmeter, and will ascertain whether the sensor’s calibration is skewed or not.
Jan 31, 2015 · Why won't my truck start after replacing the crankshaft position sensor? 2 Answers I took my 2001 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD, long bed, single cab, base model, 6.0L, gasoline, down to get the check engine light diagnosed when it came on and started running like Crap (mainly in ...
After weeks of adding sensors, changing intercoolers and piping, ECM tuning, and more, Gale and the Banks test group were finally ready to crank over the Duramax L5P engine in Dyno Cell No. 2. The plan for the engine is complex. First, there has been conjecture online for more than two years over what the L5P engine is truly capable of.
BWD® offers most coverages of crankshaft sensors made with premium components and undergo end-of-line and chamber testing to ensure top quality.