14k Gold Necklace, 20" Diamond Cut Rope Chain (3mm) $1,275.00 Sale $701.25
High quality pure gold chain is a thing of beauty. Hold this 24k gold next to retail jewelers 14k products and you can see the difference in the deeper yellow color. My only quibble is with the shipper, FexEx, which is just awful.
Nov 17, 2008 · its fake, GP means gold plated. 24k GP means 24K GOLD PLATED. find some markings like 999 it means 24k, another you will know if its a real 24k if the texture of it, is like a cheese.(or easily deform) and another tip, bring a magnet with you when you're buying a gold jewelry.
Chains Man Necklaces Jewelry 24K Gold 6.5mm Men's 24K Gold Long Chain Classic 20-30 Inch24KGP Figaro Chain for MEN Free Shipping AU $18.74 - 22.34 / Piece 24k indian gold jewelry